"All-in" Project Rates

This all-inclusive option will include ALL relevant services for completing your recording:  Pre-production, studio time, producer fee, tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering.  The total for this can vary, depending on the size and scope of the project, instrumentation, the artist's state of preparedness, etc... but as an example:  I recently completed a 4-song EP for a very well-rehearsed 4-piece rock band, and the flat rate was an even $5,000, out the door.  They went home with a mixed and mastered product, ready to upload to online music outlets, or to send to a CD or vinyl manufacturer.  I fully appreciate the fact that mustering up the money to properly record one's music is no small task for many people, so let's talk numbers...  I can probably figure out a solution to fit most reasonable budget goals.  

Day rates

If you're not ready to complete a full EP or LP project... Perhaps you just have a single you want to release, or for time/money reasons you need to "chip away at it" over a certain length of time... this is your option.  Whether it's a pre-production day, tracking day, mix day...  or maybe something you've already recorded and just want to 

mix....  I am available on a "single-day-rate" basis for $700, which includes my services AND the studio time.  

Drum Tracks

My drum tracking services are priced on either a per-song basis, or on a "project-rate" basis.  Regardless of whether I'm cutting one song or fifteen, the same amount of load-in, set-up, miking, tuning, tweaking, load-out, etc is required, so...  "Quantity talks", when it comes to drum tracks.  My standard rate for a single is $300.  (This gets you a very professionally-played and superbly-recorded, fully-edited, ready-to-mix multi-track drum performance)  
But if you commit to a full EP or LP project all in one booking, that per-song rate can be as little as HALF ($150 per song).  We can do this, whether you're local and can attend the session, or are on the other side of the world...  Technology is awesome.  :)   

Let's talk!