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I can help you find the best way to convey the true feeling, inspiration, and intent of your music.  It has always been my goal as a music producer to simultaneously be a facilitator, a chameleon, and a cheerleader... making each and every project and song the best it can possibly be.  I can help you with musical and vocal arrangement, choosing sounds, tones, parts, layers, overdubs, harmonies, refining lyrics...  anything that is required to bring YOUR musical vision to life and allow it to take flight.  


Whether I produced or recorded it or not, I can mix your next song, EP, or full album project to "radio-ready" sonic standards, bringing out the absolute best of the emotions, dynamics, and impact waiting to be coaxed out of your tracks.  I use a combination of digital "in the box" technology and old-school analog hardware mojo to bring each song's mix to life, to create a sonic landscape that matches the lyrical content and reinforces the message that the artist is trying to convey.  

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Phone:  404 493 3358
E-maii:  mikemover@mindspring.com