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Georgia Music Awards 2012 Producer of the Year Award

I turn knobs and beat on things. Music comes out. People pay me for this. It’s kinda awesome.

World-touring and recording professional since 1991.  
Extensive, award-winning, and Billboard-charting major-label experience in music production, mixing, arranging, and co-writing.
Versatile, exciting, and tasteful session and touring drummer.  

drumming at a festival show

Hear for yourself!

While most of my work has been in the rock, hard rock, alternative, country, and pop worlds...  I enjoy working with as wide a variety of genres and artists as possible.  In my opinion, any music that is created with passion, conviction, and honesty is good music.  

suck knob, on soundcraft console stereo bus, open sky studio Atlanta GA


Each and every music production project is different, depending on the scope of it, the time required, if travel is involved, studio costs, etc...  So while it's impossible to give definitive costs for all services, click the link below for some general guidelines that will help you plan your next recording project or tour.  I can probably find a solution to fit almost any reasonable budget.  


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Please drop me a line to talk about your recording, mixing, drum tracking, or touring needs!  

Mike Froedge

404 493 3358